CE Adventure Travel, LLC - Continuing education on vacation!
Will there be classes while the ship is at a port of call?
   No!  Lectures are held on the days at sea - so you never miss out on shore time!
What are the speakers and topics?
   Information on the speakers and topics will be posted as soon as they are set.  If you have a particular request for a topic - just let us know!.  If it cannot be accommodated on this trip, we will try and offer it on the next one.
Can friends and family come?
  Definitely! Let us know and they can also take advantage of our group rates.
Can I bring my kids?
  Of course you can.  There are great children and teen programs on the ship.  Kids and teens have their own separate areas and activities - not to mention the pools, waterslides, arcades, wii tournaments, karaoke, and special spa treatments.  The children and teen programs are provided at no cost, except very late hours and during port times.
Will I get sea sick?
  Generally not - With the advances in ship stabilization, you won't feel much motion at all.  If you are bothered by motion sickness now, you may want to have your doctor prescribe a preventative (such as a scopolamine patch for behind your ear).  Motion sickness tablets are available in the ship's medical clinic - or bring candied ginger if you are more of a naturalist!
What is included in the cruise fare?
  Your fare includes gourmet meals, world class on board entertainment, and your stateroom (we recommend a balcony).  Typically drinks, specialty dining, spa, shore trips and specialized entertainment are extra.  Also, there is a daily tipping charge which varies by cruise line.  Room service is always free - so enjoy that breakfast on your balcony in your pajamas!
Can I deduct the trip on my taxes?
  Yes!  See your accountant for details and specific requirements by state.
How large are the meetings?
  Groups size varies by trip, but we try not to exceed 50 people.
Can a meeting sell out?
  Yes - Even though we urge early registration, the meeting can sell out before the early deadline has elapsed.
What is included in the continuing education tuition fee?
   Your tuition includes CE classes, certificate of attendance, program handouts, welcome reception and refreshments.
Can I make topic requests for CE?
   Yes, we do several cruises per year and will try to accommodate requested topics on future cruises.
Do I have to book with CE Adventure Travel?
   You will need to book your cruise with us.  Your air can be booked on your own, if you prefer.
Can CE Adventure Travel book my air?
  Yes - just let us know when and where you want to fly out of.
Can CE Adventure Travel book pre and/ or post cruise hotel?
   Of course we can!  Many people like to fly in the day before and relax a little bit, or stay a day later.  Just let us know what you need and the type of hotel you want to stay at.